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If you have a freeware or shareware program that you believe should be on, please email the name of software with a hyperlink to the software. Please also give a brief description of what the program does.

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Though this may or may not work, email me what you want tutorials of and I will do my best to make one. Im afraid I wont be able to get to them all but who knows. Maybe other users can make them and upload them here.

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Computer running slow? Do these steps to speed up your system. These basics work, and should be done often.


Video capture software with features like; Record Window, Record Set Size, Record Screen. Not

Spybot Search and Destory

Anti Maleware, Trojan, and Worm software. This software has the ability to remove items before windows bootup for the pesky always running problems. Also has the ability to block known bad sites. Thirdly, though I disable, has a built in function that can run in the background that protects the computer.

Avast Antivirus>

Anti Virus program to prevent viruses from attacking your computer. Totally free, but requires registration for renew every six months or so. Just needs a valid email. Good program, have been using it for years.

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